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In 1999, graduate engineer Christopherus Nöchel founded the company Projekt-management Nöchel (PMN), initially based in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, then, since 2004, with its head office in his hometown Krefeld.

Right from the start, he had the clear aim to not simply go into business for himself in the area of project control, but rather to realize the opportunities associated with it; to develop new ideas for the implementation of large-scope projects; to break new ground and realize new ideas.
Founder of the company:
Dipl.-Ing. Christopherus Nöchel
Due to his long-term activities and experience, the successful execution of a construction project was not only a question of professional project control, but a much more comprehensive question of the cooperation of all companies, people, institutions involved in the project – also of the public. Despite the integration of professional project management, he saw that time and again – mostly unnecessary – problem areas occurred which were frequently caused by inaccurate or insufficient communication. There was also often a lacking willingness to simply get rid of “old hats” in terms of the building (and above all also of the building owner), to do without the conflicts that (frequently) occurred as a matter of principle, and to change it into a partnership-based cooperation, and create enough free space in the process to allow for innovative lateral thinking, and implement these ideas flexibly and in an uncomplicated manner.

He saw the solution in the development of cross-project logistics that by far exceeds usual (pure) site logistics, as well as particularly in improving / optimizing the project communication. This new type of project logistics, which today has got a concrete form with PROLOGM®, should, of course, be oriented along defined (theoretical) basic parameters, but in addition, it must always be able to be individually and flexibly adjusted to the respective construction project to be realized.

When Christopherus Nöchel was asked to support the new building project of the Post-Tower in Bonn together with his team of employees in 2001, in order to cope with the enormous logistic task associated with this building, as a specialist team, he was able – and this even in the focus of the publicto prove his skills and the feasibility of his theories. The specialist team of Projektmanagement Nöchel became rapidly integrated in the activities on the site and was able to contribute decisively at several places – not least due to innovative ideas and communicative competence – to the Post-Tower being completed on time.

Due to his successful assignment at the Post-Tower, with its 162.5 meters the highest building in NRW, Christopherus Nöchel was finally appointed to be a guest in the expert commission of AHO (expert body of the associations and chambers for architects and engineers). The representatives of the project controllers were very interested in integrating the logistics topic into the official service range for project control. Christopherus Nöchel was to present his experience regarding this topic and to prepare the subject in terms of its content. As a matter of fact, the item Logistics was then included, even if not in its entirety, in the next issue of the Green Book (Service and Fee Structure for Project Control) in the autumn of 2003, under the service area D: terms, capacities, and logistics, and is now a permanent part of the service profile of project controllers.

The fact that well-functioning project logistics are not only of significance for complex high-tech buildings like the Post-Tower in Bonn, but also for historical buildings and their renewal was proven by Projektmanagement Nöchel with the successful execution of the reconstruction and renewal work at the Cathedral zu St. Marien, as well as the chapter building and St. Severi church in Erfurt.

Depending on the project and the tasks at hand, Christopherus Nöchel works with freelance and / or employed engineers / architects under the umbrella of PMN and PROLOGM®.
Due to its special experience, qualifications, and competences, Projektmanagement Nöchel is often consulted when particular tasks arise – and this in terms of structural, as well as construction communicative matters.
In the HOAI¹ the term of project control was initially mentioned in 1977, and was manifested there in section 31 (until version 2002*). In order to achieve a clearer differentiation to architects’ tasks, the DVP² and der AHO³ have made it their business to define project control services more comprehensively and bindingly document them in the so-called “Green Book” (Service and Fee Structure for Project Control) as the official guideline for project control in the construction and eal estate industry. Within the 5 defined project phases (project preparation, planning, erection preparation, erection, project completion) the following areas of action are differentiated here, in which project control becomes active:

A Organization, information, coordination, documentation

B Qualities and quantities

C Costs and financing

D Schedule, capacities and logistics

E Contracts, insurance

*In the meantime section 31 in the HOAI  has been completely deleted, because the description contained herein were not adequate to fulfill the demands of clients and contractors on a differentiated  scope of work of project control.
Projektmanagement Nöchel has been instrumental in having Logistics integrated in the official service profile for project controllers (Service and Fee Structure – Project Control, Autumn 2003).
¹Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineerse)
²Deutscher Verband der Projektmanager in der Bau- u. Immobilienwirtschaft (German Association of Project Managers in the Construction and Real Estate Industry)
³Ausschuss der Verbände und Kammern der Ingenieure und Architekten für die Honorarordnung e. V. (Expert Body of Registered Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for the Fee Structure)
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