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Survey / Consulting / Mediation
In case of disputes and conflicts regarding buildings / the execution of buildings, it is often necessary to turn to neutral persons to resolve them amicably. Our services in this context are not limited to compiling usable expert opinions; in addition, as competent mediators we can contribute – with advice and mediation – to misunderstandings being disposed of as rapidly as possible and thus, to having conflicts rapidly resolved.
Our services comprise:

preparation of expert opinions (buildings / construction-related services)
consulting services
mediation in conflict discussions
idea contributor for innovative approaches to resolution
We support you in resolving project-blocking conflicts and disposing of problems in a competent, flexible and rapid way once and for all.
We also give advice when construction projects stagnate due to unexpected technical
(individual) problems and innovative approaches to solution (lateral thinking) are needed.
Ask us. We have a solution for (almost) any problem!
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