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Bidding and Award of Contract
Professional specifications of services are the basis of a successful execution of projects / construction work. Incomplete or inaccurate formulations in the invitation to tender can lead to interminable and frequently expensive disputes, and thus to undesired cost explosions in the course of the construction phase – or at its completion at the latest. As we know how decisive it is to pay attention to detail, we have specialized in the execution of qualified bidding and contract award processes in order to be able to lay the essential foundation stone for efficient project handling.
Our services comprise:
preparation and elaboration of documents for bidding (specifications of services and products by the various service types)
compiling documents for placing contracts by tender for all service types
soliciting the bids
checking, comparing and evaluating the submitted bids
supporting contract negotiations
supporting the contract awarding process
Most time is lost because things are not thought through.

Alfred Herrhausen
We think things through already in advance!

Make use of our experience and our know-how already when implementing the processes of your invitation to tender and award of contract, and thus lay the foundation stone for the smoothest / most efficient possible project handling.
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