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Ecology / Man and Environment
The protection of man and environment is – regardless of the service area, in which we are active – always a relevant criterion for us. In the foreground there are, next to on-the-job safety, the health-related and ecological innocuousness of all products and procedures that are applied in a construction project.
In addition, the issue social logistics is particularly considered by us – especially in complex and large-scope construction projects – both in the special interest of humans and with regard to a smooth and on-time project handling.

Our services comprise:
application of environmentally sound procedures and services
consideration of environmentally benign products and natural materials
protection of the environment and the (site) surroundings
control and implementation of safety-relevant issues (on-the-job safety)
development and implementation of individual social logistics plans, each adjusted to the building to be erected
The topicsocial logistics is also an important component part within our >PROLOGM®Conzept.
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