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pursuant to § 5 TMG and § 2 DL-InfoV (German legislation) and § 13 TMG (Data Privacy Policy)

Dipl.-Ing. Christopherus Nöchel
Friedrichsplatz 18
D-47798 Krefeld
Phone : +49 (0) 2151 / 78 16 26 - 0
Telefax : +49 (0) 2151 / 78 16 26 - 9

proprietor: Diplom-Ingenieur Christopherus Nöchel
Tax number: 117/5055/0252
Value added tax identification number (VATIN): DE169657349

architectural association: Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
membership number: A 24911

liability insurance: Markel International Deutschland, München
Geltungsbereich: Federal Republic of Germany

job title: Architekt Diplom-Ingenieur
awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany

Legal Disclaimer

Website Contents

PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL is not responsible in any manner for the topicality, accuracy, comprehensiveness or quality of the information submitted. Claims against PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL be they material or intellectual arising from the application or non-application of the herein offered information or from the application of faulty and incomprehensive information are a priori unenforceable insofar as wilful damages or negligence on the part of PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL cannot be proven. All quotes are subject to confirmation and are without obligation. PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL reserves the right to alter, supplement or cancel sections of any quote or the entire quote without prior notice or to withdraw the document temporarily or definitively.

Notice on the problems of external links

As the content provider PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL is legally responsible for the contents of information of its own that it offers for use. Contents provided by other sources are cross-linked on this website. PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL is only responsible for extraneous contents if PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL knew that the contents were illegal or punishable by law and if it were not technically possible and reasonable for PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL to prevent their use. However web links are dynamic texts. At the first reading PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL checked the extraneous content against possible civil or statutory law infractions, but is not obliged to constantly check these pages for changes that could constitute new infractions. When it is discovered or when a third party makes it known that a specific offer to which a link has been made is contrary to civil or statutory law then the offer will be cancelled provided it is technically possible and reasonable. The technical possibility and reasonableness will not be influenced by the fact that the illegal or punishable offer can be obtained from other servers after the cancellation.

Data Privacy Policy

Copyright and Registered Trade Marks

PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL endeavours to respect the copyright of graphic programs, sound tracks, video sequences and texts used and to use its own graphics, sound tracks, video sequences and texts or to use unlicensed graphics, sound tracks, video sequences and texts. All trade marks and registered product names used in the internet quote that are protected directly or by third parties are subject without reservation to the regulations of the current applicable copyright and ownership laws of the registered owner. That a product name is used does not imply that it is not protected in law by third parties. The copyright for objects published and created by PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL remains the sole property of PROJEKTMANAGEMEN NÖCHEL. The reproduction or use of such graphics, sound tracks, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express consent of PROJEKTMANAGEMENT NÖCHEL.

Legal Effect

Insofar as individual definitions in this text should no longer correspond to current law
or do not correspond in their entirety to current law, the remaining parts shall not be
affected in their content or validity.

Picture Credits

Of our own portfolio, and
Picture Dom and St. Severi Erfurt:
Picture ASB-Kindertagesstätten:
Pictures ASB-Seniorenzentren Ebersbach and Göppingen + ASB-Kita Ebersbach:
Pictures ASB-Casa-Vital-Seniorenzenter Feuchtwangen:

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