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Project Control
With an increasing complexity of construction projects, notwithstanding the contracted construction firms and architects, the building owner has to cope with more and more tasks and requirements. In order to warrant a successful realization of the construction project, the control measures must be consistently implemented. As experienced project controllers, we support the building owner and assume the so-called ‘delegable building owner functions’ in a competent manner.
In this way, we provide professional relief to the building owner and considerably contribute to the achievement of the project targets.

Our services comprise:
organizational and coordinative handling of the overall project
communication, circulation and distribution of information
cost planning, control and controlling
coordination and monitoring the processing of financing, subsidy and approval procedures
development, control and controlling of the schedule situation and revision of capacities
ensuring the qualities described in the specifications
continuous information of the building owner regarding the project handling  
enabling on-time decisions on the part of the building owner
In the area of project control we can fall back on 25 years of experience.
Today, the service profile of the project controller is extensively defined in the Service and Fee Structure – Project Control (Leistungs- und Honorarordnung – Projektsteuerung). The term project control was used for the first time only about 35 years ago in the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (§31 HAOI).
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