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Project Management
We competently cover all services that are part of professional project management today. In the area of classic project control, we can fall back on more than 25 years of experience.

In addition, our entrepreneurial focuses lie on services that are to be considered – or are required – separately, such as a qualified preparation and implementation of bidding and contract award processes, professional contract and addenda management, as well as an extensive site supervision and on-site support / documentation. Complementing this, we offer special services in the areas ecology, as well as expert opinions, consulting, and mediation.
And... we go one step further!

With our division PROLOGM®, we have set up a new /extended project management in the area of construction and real estate industry, which notably corresponds with given requirements – particularly with regard to complex, large-volume buildings.

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The result of every project management service must be that a construction and / or renewal project is completed within the shortest possible time in accordance with preset costs, deadlines and quality requirements!
Benefit from our long-term experience, competencies, and innovative thinking for the successful implementation of your new construction, reconstruction and / or renewal project!
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