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Site Supervision / Management
Professional site supervision considerably contributes to all preliminary workof a project (planning, bidding, contract award, etc.) being consistently implemented in the end. We see to it that the companies involved in the project word according to plan (deadlines, capacities, materials, etc.) and that problem areas, which potentially delay on-time delivery, are removed as fast as possible, or do not come up to begin with. Compliance with quantities / qualities, as well as safety-related matters of execution is particularly taken into consideration in this context.
Our services comprise:
site supervision according to section § 15(2) HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) / service phase 8
assumption of site management function acc. to federal / regional building law
clarifying logistic requirements / site logistics
review of safety-related execution matters
management of contaminated sites and soils
plausibility check of schedule planning
pre-calculation check (addenda)
approvals in the sense of German Construction Contract Procedures (“VOB”)
reporting and documentation (incl. photographic and video documentation)
Well-functioning (site) logistics – particularly in case of high-volume and complex construction projects – are the ‘nuts and bolts’ of successful project handling.
We are specialists for all logistics-related topics around any construction project.

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