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Our Clients
The spectrum of our clients is just as broad as our service and knowledge spectrum. Depending on the assigned service type, we act both as ordering party and as contractor, e.g., for:
We are always available for individual inquiries and dialogs! > Contact
In general...

- investors
- building owners
- architects
- project controllers
- Project managers
- construction companies (surface / underground engineering, finishes) general coordinating contractors and general contractors
- industrial enterprises and private customers
- cities and municipalities

... and in particular (see also > REFERENCE):
- hospitals
- senior citizens residences
- physicians
- banks and insurance companies
- management consultants
- auditors
- law firms
- airports
- trade fairs
- schools
- universities
- local governments
- cooperative societies
- dioceses
- logistics and administration companies
- office and shopping centers
- town planners / developers
For detailed information on individual projects, which we have already been involved in (implementation, activity / tasks, etc.), we are always available!
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