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And we go one step further!

In our project logistics management division PROLOGM® classic project control finds its continuation. Experience has shown that the requirements and requisites that particularly complex edifices nowadays entail require new or extensive approaches to solution. Despite well-functioning project control (or – often used as a synonym – project management), problem areas still come up, which block the successful course of the project, and which would actually be avoidable.
In order to successfully handle construction projects despite cost-, time-, and quality-related pressures, the partnership-based cooperation and the interplay of all companies, people, and institutions involved in the building project must be of a much higher significance than this is given in most cases so far. Immensely relevant in this context is – apart from well-thought-out, cross-project logistics – a well-functioning project communication, as unnecessary sources for errors are hidden in an insufficient, lacking, or mistakable exchange of information.

This logistic project communication, as we understand it, refers both to the interior relationships of a construction project, i.e. to all enterprises, planners, project controllers, construction companies, etc. involved in the construction work, and to the exterior relationships, i.e. to the interaction with the public, institutions, the press, the indirect and direct neighborhood.

With PROLOGM® we provide the following services:
Due to the optimization of all logistical and communicative processes around a building project, we considerably contribute to new building, reconstruction, and renewal measures being started, implemented,
and completed in accordance with cost, time and quality specifications.
With PROLOGM® the
  • investor
  • building owner
  • architect
  • project controller
  • general contractor
  • general coordinating
integrates a specialized, cross-project logistic management.

The Conzept PROLOGM® is based on preset basic parameters.

Which services are actually called upon, or which modules are assigned a special relevance, depends on the individual construction project to be realized.
High technical and, in particular, communicative competencies are the basic prerequisites for the success of any PROLOGM®-(construction) project! Why we achieve this: see > ABOUT US
On principle, PROLOGM® is applied in the construction and real estate industry. Additionally, or complementarily, the concept can be transferred to other / additional areas (e.g., telecommunications, advertising, business administration, corporate management, office work, insurance and finance, scientific and technological services, research and related designer services, industrial analysis and research services, conceptual design and development of computer hard- and software).
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